08 Feb

Singing bowls are becoming very famous not only among Buddhists but also to other people around the world. As a matter of fact, it is highly sought after and demanded by many because of the numerous benefits it brings. If you are among these men and women, then continue reading this article to know why.

What These Bowls Are?

These are circular small bowls which produces bell-like and melodious sound. According to history books, these bowls originated from Tibet, it was seen played in Bhutan, India and Nepal. The Tibetan Llamas used these bowls for centuries.  These bowls were considered sacred, thus these bowls were kept secret until the time Tibet was invaded by China in 1950s. From then on, the uses of singing bowl spread like fire and used by various cultures worldwide. Singing bowls serve diverse purposes like healing, relaxation and meditation. 

Traditionally, these bowls were made from seven different metals but those sold commercially in the market used only three to five metal types. Users of singing bowls used these bowls to produce tones to allow them to create harmony within their bodies and soul so they can deeply relax. The moment you placed these bowls on the body, it produced sound waves which vibrations massaged every cell of the body. Since it produced melodious sound, it does not take long for users to achieve complete relaxation. This form of massage is very popular across the world for providing healing and therapeutic effects to those who suffer from various ailments and disorders.  You can get more info from Silver Sky.

How It Works?

Actually, there two different ways to play these singing bowls, you can either strike its metal using a mallet or rub it using a stick to create continuous tones. If you want to get a massage using the singing bowl, be sure to lay your back flat comfortably and place the bowl on the chest. Once you are done, utilize the mallet to strike the bowl close to its rim to produce vibrations. The sounds produced will resonate all throughout your body and will produce that deep relaxed state. You can repeat the procedure on your back. Since it is difficult for you to ring the bowl on your own, you can request someone to do it for you.  Do click here if you want to learn more. 

To produce quality sound, be sure to buy singing bowls from trusted and reputable retailers only to ensure quality and durability.

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